Kuveyt Turk Bank

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Designs I did for Raketenfilm/ Kuveyt Turk Bank. Pretty hard job to design Turkish characters which Turkish immigrants might like….. I also did three 30 second test anmimations. The first picture became the design that was used. At least two films were made using my drawings but I have no idea what became of this project.


Fumetto Comic

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This was for a comic contest in Switzerland. Drawing comics is hard work. This me trying to be crass and arty, which is hard if you earn your money be making children’s books. Sigmund Freud would have loved this comic (and would have started to follow my blog…)





This is a sketch I did at the German Comic Con in Dortmund. I went there because I was supposed to hold a drawing workshop. A Comic Con is not quite my scene. I am not into superheroes, I like certain animes but I am no expert.

I actually asked the girl if I could draw her, because she sat down very close to me for a break before she went to the stage of the Cosplayer Award and I didn´t want to offend her staring at her. Unfortunately I didn´t get the name of her character, something with Lou but I am not sure. The costume looked really great, I hope she won something with it.

I didn´t take a picture, because I always had the feeling that these events consist of middle aged men like myself taking pictures of scarcely clad teenage girls, in this case I regretted that, because the colored version of the same drawing I did afterwards is very much guesswork. I didn´t get that she was wearing hot pants (and a lot of other details because she was sitting down).

I travelled home by train from Dortmund that evening and after all the costumes all the people in the train seemed suddenly very grey….

The drawing on the left is foutain pen in my sketchbook, the drawing on the right is the same drawing coloured digitally.