Holiday in Cologne


This looks like the sketches I do when I am on holiday. Unfortunately I am not. but the people I drew were. This was made near the Schokoladenmuseum (chocolate museum, for those who haven´t guessed) which is one of the most touristy areas of Cologne. It has big advantages for sketching, you won´t meet people you know and everyone is moving in a different space time continuum (a very slow one, which is good for watching people) . But a nightmare if you´re in a hurry trying to cross that area by bike.



This is a house in Köln Nippes (probably Merheimerstr). I always enjoy sketching when abroad and don´t do that very often. So I thought I´ll just choose something around the corner. One of the worst things about looking for a place to draw is the lack of something to sit on. I made a lot of comparatively boring drawings because I had to compromise. Drawing something around the corner has the big advantage that you can bring a chair with you…

I should do this more often….


Schlossfestspiele Trailer


These are the sketches for a commercial for Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele (a festival for mostly for classical music) designed to be shown in cinemas arround Stuttgart. I have spent a little too much on these hand drawn sketches, because it was pretty obvious that the client was going to choose the photo collage style used on its website. I haven´t found it on the web yet, but I will post a link as soon as I find it. the character did exist beforehand. I did almost everything else. The last picture in the gallery is the final look.

Thanks to Studio Fitzbin and Mareike Ottrand. Sound and music by Hannah von Hübbenet.


New Book / Houseboat


A new book for children age 6-8 (children who just start learning how to read) has been published by Random House which I have illustrated last year. I will show some more Illustrations when I am sure that the book is available in bookstores. The story by Patricia Schröder is about a family holiday on a houseboat.