Premiere Asyl ind Deutschland

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AIDTitelThe film I did for Kölner Flüchtlingsrat and an alliance of Cologne based film producers is now finished and will have its premier on the

Thursday, 09.06.16,19 h im Museum für verwandte Kunst

(don´t confuse it with the Museum für Angewandte Kunst if you want to come). It was a pretty complicated project because it is pretty complicated subject. It is basically meant to help Asylum seekers understand the whole process. I will post a link to the website where you can watch it as soon as it is finished.I did the design, the storyboard, animatic and most of the animation. The style is very simple.

Thanks a lot to the people who helped me and the people who did the real hard work by organizing all  this.


Drache Brokks Sketches and Ink Drawing

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The publisher (Lappan im Carlsen Verlag) I am working for has allowed me to show the sketches for the book I am working on at Illu16, which are also showcased at the exhibition. My original concept was to show how my pictures evolve. There wasn´t enough space to exhibit these stages, so I am showing this at my blog. This picture was made last weekend. First there are several pencil sketches. I put them together digitally and use this as basis for a drawing with ink and pen. I did a sperate layer using water colour but because I had to finish this very quickly I did part of the coloring digitally.




By the way, no dragons will be harmed during the making of this book (he is just a little sick and is transported to a doctor…)

Illu 16 in Cologne, 24.–26.3.2016

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I am participating in the Illu 16, a show of illustrators from North Rhine-Westphalia. If you´re in Cologne, it is great I have already seen the rest of the exhibition yesterday. As an illustrator it is almost frightening how many talented people seem to be around. But it is also a nice atmosphere, cheap drinks and relaxed people.


for further information:

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