Kölner Dom/ Cologne Cathedral



A drawing I did during a lunch break at the Solution Space (an office building right next to the Cologne Cathedral). What is weird that you need some distance to actually “see” the cathedral, which most people don´t realize, because they are using the wide angle lenses of their cameras anyway. If you don´t see the whole structure, which you can´t from this the elements get quite confusing. So this is kind of an honest view of the Cologne cathedral….


Big in China


I just received the deposit copies of the Chinese versions of books I illustrated two or three years ago. It always amuses me when I hear, that book I worked on has been sold to Asia, because it reminds me of the eighties when mediocre rock bands who were past their prime often found a safe haven in Japan, hence the old Alphaville song Big in Japan. Perhaps I am big in China or Korea (who knows).

I wondered what they would do with the map of Germany with tips for dinosaur related activities (they just kept it). I would love to know what the text says, so if you can speak Chinese contact me…


Nataly 2015


Some photographs I took in May with my favorite model. I sometimes don´t know if I should post these pictures here, but I don´t do enough photography to run a second blog.

What it is weird about these pictures is that if somebody asked me how to describe this particular model with three attributes, the first things that would spring to my mind would be intelligent, strong-minded, with a deadpan sense of humor. I don´t know if any of this is conveyed by these pictures. I guess I still have to learn a lot. But she is good looking and Russian, I guess that part worked….


Klett und Balmer, Die Sprachstarken 9/ Romulus der Große

comic, Dürrenmatt, illustration, Romulus der Große, School Book Illustration Das Morgenessen

This was a comic strip for Klett and Balmer “die Sprachstarken”. It illustrates a famous quip by Friedrich Dürrenmatt in which he defended his usage of Swiss words, after German critics had accused him of using dialect. Basically the Germans think Swiss is a German dialect and the Swiss think it is a separate language. I don´t want to comment on this. Romulus says Morgenessen instead of Frühstück (breakfast), and yells at his servant when he tries to correct him. I guess the play Romulus der Große is much more popular in Switzerland….

By the way I wish the Germans would spend so much diligence and love on their schoolbooks. They really do an amazing job at Klett and Balmer.