New Book / Houseboat


A new book for children age 6-8 (children who just start learning how to read) has been published by Random House which I have illustrated last year. I will show some more Illustrations when I am sure that the book is available in bookstores. The story by Patricia Schröder is about a family holiday on a houseboat.


Finland+ Argentina= Greece



This is a birthday present for a friend of mine, who is half Argentinean, half Finn. So I decided to do a mole (no special reason, I just like moles) on a racing bicycle (Ando loves racing bicycles). wearing an Argentinean football jersey with a small Finland flag. What I didn´t think of is that when you combine the two you will get a Greek flag.

I always feel a little weird talking about Greece. I was at a really cool film festival shortly before the crisis started, and I can remember all the young people talking about how they would have to leave Greece, because there was no perspective, and that was before the crisis struck.

But this is no blog about politics, moles on cycles, that´s what I do….



Sketches for Bärenbraut

Animation, illustration

These slightly older pictures have been online for about a month, but they are perhaps a little hidden. I have uploaded a lot of new pictures while updating the homepage part of this blog, but I guess only very few people have seen this already, so I thought I would like to bring this to your attention.

If you want to know more about these pictures read what I have written about my film Bärenbraut:





I was sick last week (like almost everyone else I know) and missed the biggest part of the biggest street party in the world- the Cologne Carnival. There is a lot of drinking and bad music involved. Beforehand I had spent some time inventing costumes.

I like the Youtube video joke, the Bürohengst joke unfortunately can´t really be translated. It would be probably only interesting if you´re learning German and you ´re looking for a strange word your teacher hasn´t heard of either (you could tell him if wants to know what it is that it is a strange creature living in mountainous regions of western Germany, half horse half writing desk). I like it…



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This has been a weird week. I have done an illustration test for a children´s book including horses aimed for girls. It very quickly turned out that the job was already gone, but my agent thought it might be a good idea to finish the samples for my portfolio. Lots of work, I am not yet sure if I managed the balance between a little kitsch and something nice.

Next time I will do football right away.