QUARKS/ Verhältniswahlrecht gegen Mehrheitswahlrecht

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Wer sich noch ein bisschen fortbilden will zum Thema Wahlsystem…. Die Figuren sind von mir.



Die dazugehörigen Entwürfe:





Direcke Kinderatlas

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Sketch, work in progress and finished illustration for Direcke Kinderatlas (2017). This is the title illustration for Asia….








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This is a drawing I did roughly two month ago, before my accident when me and friend spend a week in hut in the countryside filling sketchbooks. The text is not really connected with the drawing itself, but an idea I got when I was asked to join a class reunion. I guess good old Friedrich Dürrenmatt had a similar motivation to write “Der Besuch der alten Dame”….

Study for record Sleeve

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Dylan Moran (who is may favorite standup comedian) said something around the lines that men want women to look like cakes. Actually it was a lot smarter and funnier, but I can´t find it (the part about women want was even better. I could cite that but that was even less politcally correct. This was for a record sleeve but it is very early.


This is stupid but It was fun.