Direcke Kinderatlas

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Sketch, work in progress and finished illustration for Direcke Kinderatlas (2017). This is the title illustration for Asia….








IB Trailer

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The animated image film for Internationaler Bund (IB), one of the big German charities. This was a cooperation with the International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart. The concept was initially developed in a workshop I gave at the 2016 festival with IB employees. I tried to put all the ideas together, made the designs and the storyboards and did most of the animation:

Direction, animation and design:                             Derek Roczen

Additional Animation:                                                  Jennifer Heil

Music and Sound Design                                             Dorothea Bohr and Geo Schaller

Thanks to the ITFS….


Drache Brokks published

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Das neue Kinderbuch, dass ich illustriert habe ist nun im Handel erhältlich! Vielen Dank an die Autorin, Silja Luisa Topfstedt, ich hatte großen Spaß mit dem Text und Constanze Steindamm vom Lappan Verlag, sowie Anette Thumser.

Für die ganz Faulen:


The new children´s book, which I have illustrated is now available. Many thanks to author Silja Luisa Topfstedt  (I had lots of fun with this story), Constanze Steindamm and Anette Thumser.

Here some older post wioth a little making of:


Asyl in Deutschland- Die Anhörung

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Yesterday was the premier of Asyl in Deutschland. For which I did the design, direction and most of animation (thanks to Kerstin Unger, Thea Seidler., Meike Teichmann and Daniel Ossio and Fade to Grey). There were lots of people involved, most of them working for free, most notably Philipp Stendebach of Augenschein Film Production whose baby this really was. I am very happy with the result. The film is intended to help asylum seekers to understand the most important part of the whole procedure the personal interview and how to prepare for it. There are versions in 14 different languages.

I guess this is Serbian:


There is a lot of work being done with spreading the news arround. by the way although the whole project was pretty delicate (because of the topic) this was absolutly brilliant because of the enthusiasm and spirit of the people involved.

This is the link to the homepage:



Premiere Asyl ind Deutschland

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AIDTitelThe film I did for Kölner Flüchtlingsrat and an alliance of Cologne based film producers is now finished and will have its premier on the

Thursday, 09.06.16,19 h im Museum für verwandte Kunst

(don´t confuse it with the Museum für Angewandte Kunst if you want to come). It was a pretty complicated project because it is pretty complicated subject. It is basically meant to help Asylum seekers understand the whole process. I will post a link to the website where you can watch it as soon as it is finished.I did the design, the storyboard, animatic and most of the animation. The style is very simple.

Thanks a lot to the people who helped me and the people who did the real hard work by organizing all  this.