Kira and Football




Kira and Football

These drawings are part of a second portrait session with Kira. Thanks to her. I started them in the café of the Museum Ludwig and finished them at home.



Today is probably the last time you can make jokes about the world cup. I have a friend who is half Argentine half German, so I wondered what his neutral shirt would look like. The third drawing is basically about what you could wear if you are looking for trouble when visiting a German public viewing. Would have worked even better if Holland had made it to the final. But you could always wear it when visiting a Bayer Leverkusen match (you will have lots of new friends afterwards…..).


By the way,  I am not neutral and I would like the German team to win and I like Dutch football (regards to Sander)…

Melanchoholics Solar Café

illustration, record sleeve


Next part in updating my blog. This is a record cover I did for Melanchoholics. The making of this took very long because it was overshadowed by the death of their mastermind Benedikt Kristofer Bjarnason who died of cancer in 2010. I hardly knew Benedikt, but he was great. The cover is based on photographs he took in small Icelandic village and photographs of his ancestors that had a kind of weird and spooky atmosphere to them. If you look at the cover very closely you can see these photographs. I would love to show them by myself because they are very beautiful , but I don´t have the rights.covermela_eangepasst_2klein  covermela_g-(1) covermela_linernotes_2covermela_bandp ahnenzeichnung_2


comic, illustration



So this is once again a joke that is hard to understand without speaking German. `Was stört es die deutsche Eiche, wenn sich die Wildsau an ihr reibt` means literally translated: What does the German oak care if a wild boar scratches it’s back at it`. Basically it is an ancient and way of saying sod you. The drawing came about when we tried to teach Louis, a French exchange student from the Gobelins some German swearwords. I came up with this because this is the kind of swearword you would least expect from someone with little knowledge of German. Besides it just sounds extremly stupid. I guess it is from the time of the Keiser and I am afraid there wasn’t any irony about it at that time but now it is just hilarious.