Kira and Football




Kira and Football

These drawings are part of a second portrait session with Kira. Thanks to her. I started them in the café of the Museum Ludwig and finished them at home.



Today is probably the last time you can make jokes about the world cup. I have a friend who is half Argentine half German, so I wondered what his neutral shirt would look like. The third drawing is basically about what you could wear if you are looking for trouble when visiting a German public viewing. Would have worked even better if Holland had made it to the final. But you could always wear it when visiting a Bayer Leverkusen match (you will have lots of new friends afterwards…..).


By the way,  I am not neutral and I would like the German team to win and I like Dutch football (regards to Sander)…


Kira in Köln

illustration, portrait


I asked an acquaintance to pose for portraits. I am a bit rusty, but it was big fun. We met in the Café of Museum Ludwig in Cologne, she read a book and I drew. Brilliant Sunday afternoon. If there is anybody out there who wants to be drawn please contact me. And I need a little more practice and I am working on it….