March 20, 2014


An Imagefilm I did for Asseco Germany. Most of the work was spent on the design. I like it. Music by Frank Schreiber, script Susanne Decker, voice artist Christian Deutsch.

Here is the youtube link:

Christmas Cards

December 22, 2013

I normally do a Christmas card every year. This year there very little time because I am working on another book from the same series like the Dinosaur one. So this year´s illustration is actually a christmas card I did for Heipha Pharmaceutical, and was used as a wrapping paper for chocolate bars, which might explain the format.

When I still had more time to spend I used to do two Christmas cards every year. A nice one and politically incorrect one. This is I think 3 or 4 years old, and I like it, although reactions were varied. My own interpretation was that the way we celebrate Christmas is very uniform, but a lot of people saw very different thins in this card.

And yes, perhaps I watched to many parades celebrating the anniversary of the October revolution, and Santa does look like Brezhnev on this one.

Weihnachtspostkarte_vorne_neu Nordkoreanischeweihnachten


December 22, 2013


Another Film for Planet Wissen, this time about Cookies. I did a variation on the simplified style I normally do, because I was starting to get bored. This was done in about 5 days which was only made possible by the help of Cologne based animator Kerstin Unger ( Thanks to her. It is a little rough but it works quite well.

Cookies_final_20_11_01  Cookies_final_20_11_01-2


Barbara Küper

November 13, 2013

Small statement with a little delay. I am now represented by Barbara Küpers for children and youth literature.


Alter Wartweg 3
60388 Frankfurt am Main

Tel. +49 (0)6109 24 87 30


Baff Wissen:Zicke Zacke Dinokacke, Mensch Mammut

November 6, 2013

Here are two book I have illustrated in 2011/2012 for Arena. I like the sidekicks especially- the small mammoth and the dinosaur. The cooperation with Volker präkelt and Bärbel Müller was very pleasant. I am working at another volume of this series about pirates at the moment.   07_Dinotitelseitevignetten_arena 08_zickezackedinokacke 09_vignetten_arena_2

SwR Planet Wissen_II

November 6, 2013

I made 5 new films for Planet Wissen

Sozialversicherung (Social Insurance ), Vegetarismus (Vegetarianism, Risiko (risk taking), 2 for Existiert die Welt (Does the worl exist)
Risiko is probably the most funny one. I am gonna post a link as soon as it is online, although I am afraid you need to know some German to get some of the jokes. I will post a link as soon as it is online.





_Risiko_Final_0_01858Social Insurance



SWR Planet Wissen

September 30, 2013

SWR Planet Wissen

One more chapter in the works I did recently. This is for a German TV-show about science. I did several episodes during the past year (wind, primitive times, urban gardening, social insurance, vegetarians). I developed this style for limited budget animation, and it works quite well.

They can be found on the Planet Wissen homepage:

This is my scribble about life in primitive times:

Unfortunately the quality of the video isn´t particularly good.

Here are some stills



Landtag 2011

September 11, 2013

This is a project from 2011 I did for the Landtag Baden Württemberg for Taks Film and Dorothea Künzel. The process was a little protracted, because I had participated in pitch the year before. In retrospect the design I did back then was a little to lame, so I lost to Angela Steffen, but got the job when she decided to work on Andreas Hykades Tom. I was first supposed to use her design, which I didn´t like. I am great fan of Angela but this case was different. So I did a complete redesign, which I like a lot.

The film explains the mechanics of the regional parliament and is often used in schools. It is kind of a pity, that I haven´t found another use for this style so far. By the way thanks to Annette Schneider of Taks Film and Dorothea Künzig for her input….

I uploaded an edit of the animated scenes. I don´t have the soundfiles so they are without sound, but I hope you will get the idea.

_alltag_einer_abgeordneten_beschleunigen_comp_00605 _gestetzgebungsmaschine_final_00416 __wahlschein_einwurf_00408 _5_haushalt_00856 __wahlschein_einwurf_00051

These are some drawings from the first pitch and a link to the animation test I did back then.GreifundHirsch wappentierereiter_2

N/ portraits

September 11, 2013

These drawings are a byproduct of my unfortunately extensive summer slump. I hope I won´t have time for this kind of drawing very soon. Also when I draw there always phases when I work a lot on one thing, and I guess it will take some time anyway until I start on this kind of motif again. I didn´t scan the pictures but just photographed my sketchbook.

They are a little time travel because they remind me of the stuff I did in art school. They are based on my photographs of a Russian student and part time model I took some time ago. She is probably one of the most beautiful women I have met so far, so thanks to her. I would prefer to do actual live drawings, but that is a question about money and finding someone patient enough. I am kind of not finished with this, because it always seems like looking for one picture and I haven´t made this one yet. I would love to do some etchings based on these drawings….

IMG_0002 IMG_0005 IMG_0009 IMG_0038 IMG_0039

Melanchoholics Solar Café

August 30, 2013


Next part in updating my blog. This is a record cover I did for Melanchoholics. The making of this took very long because it was overshadowed by the death of their mastermind Benedikt Kristofer Bjarnason who died of cancer in 2010. I hardly knew Benedikt, but he was great. The cover is based on photographs he took in small Icelandic village and photographs of his ancestors that had a kind of weird and spooky atmosphere to them. If you look at the cover very closely you can see these photographs. I would love to show them by myself because they are very beautiful , but I don´t have the rights.covermela_eangepasst_2klein  covermela_g-(1) covermela_linernotes_2covermela_bandp ahnenzeichnung_2


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