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This is stuff for a new portrait photography gallery. I am still in the process of choosing which photographs to use. Thanks a lot to the models, who all were really great.

If you´re in Cologne and need some one who takes portrait pictures, contact me.

Moodboards for Game Show

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Moodboards for Game Show

These are some moodboards I did for Shine Entertainment one or two years ago. I think one of these game show wasn´t made, but it would have been the German adaption of an American show that has run for a while. The other one was called “Don´t drop the Money”. I don´t watch that much television myself, so I am not sure which broadcaster showed it (I guess it was RTL). By the way a very pleasant cooperation.

I only recently got the permission to show this. I don´t do this kind of work too often, but it is a nice change.




This is a première, because I have never posted photography had to do movie camera at the Filmakademie Baden- Württemberg and I was very fascinated. I have a deep respect for all camera men and women.Looking at these photographs I feel a little sorry for professional photographers, because, digital photography has made it so easy to come up with really good results. Having an interesting model of cause helps, too. But it is great fun. By the way  if you´re living in Cologne and need portraits please contact me.

Old sketchbook drawing/ Unknown Woman

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Derek Roczen Sketchbook ca. 1999


This is an old sketch from my time at art school which now seems ages ago. There were no mobile phones, it would still take four or five years before I bought my first computer. People were clad in fur and wild animals roamed freely through the streets of Stuttgart where I lived at the time.In a weird way this drawing is rough although there are lots of details. I don´t remember who this is supposed to be. The big stain in the middle came from a bottle of olive oil that leaked in my rucksack. This means that this particular sketchbook had been to Italy with me and the olive oil was a souvenir from Lucca.

During that time I never left home without a sketchbook. Sketchbooks are just great….